New in Version 1.6

This version contains bug fixes, changes to the game logic, more information on the map, landscape mode and adapted layout for iPads.


  • It was no longer possible to give up the game
  • NaN (Not a number) was displayed for "Debt Scrap"
  • In iOS 15 the playback with the Web Audio API does not work anymore if you return to the app after a short time (<1 minute) in the lock screen
  • The throne ship always arrived one turn too late

New disasters

Three new disasters were introduced: gamma-ray burst, superflare and terrorist attack.
Superflares occur most frequently with red stars.

Spectral types have effect on trade

Until the last version, spectral types had an effect on the launch speed of the ships, the hotter the spectral type, the faster. Blue stars could launch ships up to half the speed of light, white up to one third, and so on.

Now the spectral type has influence on trade. Rarer spectral types produce rarer goods, which generate higher trade revenue in the target system.
Spectral types no longer affect launch speed—all spectral types can now launch ships up to half the speed of light.
One reason for the change was the desire to speed up the game by increasing the overall ship speed.

Culture ships and speed levels

Culture ships only increase the speed level when the system has maximum happiness.
Culture ships are too strong if they improve 2 things at once. Also, the importance of happiness should be strengthened.

Defense under threat of conquest

If the system is expected to be conquered, it was not possible to send a command to the system to quickly build a battleship for defense.
This is now possible. To show the threat of conquest anyway, the system will be marked with 2 player colors. On top the colors of the simulated conqueror, on the bottom the color of the current owner.

System in danger of being conquered
System in danger of being conquered

Send colony ships to already colonized system

You can now send colony ships to systems that are already colonized.

Reason: It is possible that the system will be depopulated by a battle or disaster before the colony ship arrives. Perhaps you observe an enemy battleship whose arrival would depopulate the system.
Now you have the opportunity to send the ship early and thus have a time advantage.

Send colony ships to the same destination

It is now possible to send several colony ships from one system to the same destination at the same time.

Reason: When colony ships from multiple players arrive in the same system at the same time, it depends on several factors who will end up colonizing the system.
For example Colony ships with a shorter travel distance are preferred, simply because the ship is still in a better condition after the shorter trip.
But if more colony ships arrive from one player than from the other players, that player will always win the race.
Admittedly, you will need this option extremely rarely, but on the other hand there is no reason to limit the player here.

More information at the selected star

In the star info there is now information about incoming fleets, incoming commands and move commands that have this system as a destination.
This provides a better overview and hopefully helps with planning.

System with arriving fleets and commands
System with arriving fleets and commands

Maximum population visible on the map

For each star you can now see at a glance the maximum population up to which the system can grow. This is solved by displaying the missing population units with a minus.
So after exploring a system, you no longer need to go to the star info to see this information.

Future pop. units can be recognized by the minus symbol
Future pop. units can be recognized by the minus symbol

Landscape mode and adjustments for iPads

The app can now also be displayed in landscape mode.
The information about the selected field and the selected route are then arranged on the left, the buttons for building, moving and scrapping on the right.

In addition, the interface adapts better to larger devices like the iPad.
For example, the lower button bars are no longer stretched across the entire width, which makes the buttons unnecessary wide.

New layout for iPad
New layout for iPad